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Pre School Montessori

Early Years Education is a key part of Kids Inc’s service and is provided through a best practice Aistear Curriculum.

shool boyResearch proves the unique value of preschool and Montessori education. It is linked to strong academic performance later in school life and in particular in subjects such as maths and science.

Our aim is to provide the necessary foundations for life learning and success at school.

Kids Inc children who participate in our Early Years programme have experienced a developed and broad range of learning experiences and are more prepared to deal with the demands placed on them at school. They are also confident, capable and independent learners and Irish Primary School teachers welcome this.

Why Montessori

Montessori is proven to develop children’s sense of independence by respecting and celebrating the individual child, by recognising the huge potential that the child has and by nurturing the child’s capability.

There is an emphasis on practical life, sensory education, and in particular language (pre reading and writing skills). This strongly links Montessori education to the 1999 Irish Primary School Curriculum which recognises language as the key to all learning and which links learning to the child’s practical environment.

Our Montessori curriculum covers:

    • Knowledge and understanding of the world
    • Mathematics
    • Personal, social and emotional development
    • Communication, language and literacy
    • Physical development
    • Creative development
    • Nature

Montessori at Kids Inc

Kids Inc provides high quality sessional and full time Montessori for Preschool children from 2.5 to 5 years preparing them for school, maximising their potential for learning in school and ensuring an ease of transition into school.

Kids Inc is currently experiencing a high demand for sessional Montessori in particular and welcomes early booking by parents.

Curriculum Enrichment for Preschoolers

In addition we have curriculum enrichment activities for you to choose from for your preschool child including:

    • Languages
    • Dance
    • Speech and Drama
    • Music
    • Gardening
    • Swimming