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The move from the Baby Room to the Toddler Room starts with short visits gradually building up the time spent with the Toddler group.

This approach promotes assurance, calm and contentment in the transfer and gently eases your child into the new routine and next stage of learning. The child’s day becomes more structured with a daily plan of activities. You will receive an activity pack each month outlining the topics and plans for the month ahead. Parents are kept informed of their child’s progress both through daily written reports and regular meetings.

ToddlerToddlers learn through doing and at Kids Inc they may choose from a selection of activities enhancing all the areas of development. For example – construction toys, sand and water play, painting, music and movement, jigsaws, outdoor activities, dress up and imaginative play. There is an emphasis on language and you will see your child’s vocabulary comfortably expand.

Indoor and outdoor play will be fun, explorative and new. Managed and supervised the toddler years promote individual choice and mutual respect.

Montessori is introduced at 2 ½ years moving children into the elements of their next development phase.