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About Kids Inc.

What we do

kids laingKids Inc provides early learning and care in high quality crèche and Montessori environments for babies and young children.

At Kids Inc the individual child is central to our service.

Parents whose children attend Kids Inc see the high quality of our service in our provision of:

  • A best practice curriculum, Aistear: The Early Childhood Curriculum Framework
  • Qualified and experienced carers and teachers
  • Safe and appropriately designed and equipped environments.

It is our best practice curriculum, expert carers and teachers and child appropriate environments which challenges the individual child to learn and develop at their own pace, in their own space and in a holistic way.

We work in partnership with you as parents and families to extend learning opportunities for your child in their early years and we report to you regularly on the activities and learning & development of your child.

How we do it

  • Promoting confident and successful learning
    It is by placing the individual child at the heart of everything we do that children at Kids Inc develop and grow to be confident and successful learners with the necessary sense of enquiry and social skills to maximise their own individual  potential.
  • Through acquired knowledge and skill
    At Kids Inc children are helped to acquire a strong foundation in the knowledge and skills needed for learning, development and success.
  • Supporting your child’s individual needs
    Children at Kids Inc are valued as individuals and their needs for attention, approval, affection, learning and development are nurtured.
  • Close to your Child’s home
    Our effective preschool indoor and Outdoor spaces are places where children feel well cared for and safe. They are carefully designed and maintained to provide the necessary freedom for learning and the security for safety and well being. Each Kids Inc crèche forms part of an established neighbourhood – close to home, schools and local amenities – close to and part of the environment in which your child will make friends, attend school and grow up. In essence they are environments, which are designed for ease of transition from home to crèche and crèche to home. They are environments, which are secure, safe and conducive to learning, development and growth for your individual child.

Come and visit us to see just how meaningful our work is in building the blocks of early learning and development for young children.